On this page are audio tracks for 10 pieces from Piano Star Duets, selected from across the volume. For each, we’ve provided a performance track, which includes both parts and shows how the piece goes, together with separate tracks of parts 1 and 2. These provide an opportunity for the pupil to play-along at home and create a duet on their own!

Simply select, for example, a part 2 track and play along with part 1 to make a duet. Some of the pieces have a few extra percussion or instrument parts added to bring out the colour of the music a little more – listen out for these.

Each piece has a two-bar ‘count-in’, given by percussion instruments indicating the beat, before the music starts. The only exception is ‘Chitter Chatter’, which has a four-bar count-in, as the crotchet pulse is quite fast. Note also ‘Jasmine Flower’: because this piece restarts in the middle, there’s a one-bar ‘count-in’ for secondo at this point.

ABRSM’s Speedshifter app can be used to alter the speed of the pieces, for example to find a suitable practice tempo, or even, if you like, to find a quicker tempo to play along to!

We hope you enjoy listening to and playing along with these tracks, and that they enhance your enjoyment of the duets volume.

Apache Drums

Cats on the Prowl

Chitter Chatter

Dancing with the Moon

G for Granny

Jasmine Flower

Last Day at the Fair

Mrs Mcleod's Reel

School's Out!

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